2019 Advocacy Program

Our industry has much at stake in this session of Congress. From licensing improvements to regaining favorable tax incentives to appropriations funding, there has never been a more important time to expand and amplify our voice. Across the technology spectrum (hydro, marine energy, pumped storage and more) as a constituent, you play an important role and the National Hydropower Association is working to unite and mobilize the industry’s voice.

We proudly announce a special advocacy event in Washington, DC during Waterpower Week in Washington April 1–3, 2019. Moderated by Rebecca Blood, RKB Strategies, LLC.

WHAT: The Waterpower Week program is a great opportunity to understand how federal policies affect the industry and your individual organizations. And through participation in meetings with legislators and staff, you can help drive home to policymakers the unique benefits your companies provide to local communities across America.

WHO: All industry members representing hydropower, marine energy, pumped storage and more, are encouraged to participate. Whether you are an asset owner, project developer, equipment manufacturer, or service provider, as citizens and constituents who care about hydropower, you play a vital role in amplifying the importance of our industry and the need for policy change. Be part of our grassroots movement.

WHY: Despite our industry’s proven attributes for reliability, resiliency, clean and affordable energy, federal programs, regulations, energy tax and market policies often fail to recognize water power resources. Citizen advocates are in the best position to communicate the changes needed to more appropriately value new and existing hydropower and new technologies for the benefits they provide.


Advocacy Program Details and Events

Time Activity Where
8:00 AM - 9:00 AM Water Advocacy 101 Workshop Salon E
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Waterpower Industry Goes to Capitol Hill Capitol Hill

For more information, contact:

Jeff Leahey